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Franchise Lending


Hackett Feinberg offers practical legal guidance to national and regional lenders in all aspects of financing complex multiunit, multistate franchise portfolios.

We work with lenders to provide their customers with much-needed capital for acquisitions, construction, refurbishment, relocation, and future network growth and development initiatives. Lenders rely on us to consistently design innovative and flexible financing structures across a wide range of franchise classes on a national level.

We regularly advise on collateral due diligence and corporate due diligence initiatives, as well as analyze and negotiate legal opinions, evaluate franchise and lease agreements, and secure arrangements with franchisors and landlords on behalf of the lender. We also advise lenders on existing franchise loans and lease portfolios through loan modifications, collateral substitution agreements, consent agreements, and assignment and assumption agreements. We are skilled in servicing and surveillance matters that ensure lender interests are advanced at all stages of the facility life cycle.

As economies and markets ebb and flow, we are called upon to represent lenders faced with a client bankruptcy, restructuring, or workout proceeding. With decades of collective experience serving lenders in the franchise market and structuring their unique transactions, we have earned our reputation for efficiently leveraging institutional know-how to guide lenders beyond potential and actual insolvency events.


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