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The use of loan participations and syndications continues to accelerate as lenders seek to expand beyond traditional sources of revenue via new markets and industries, diversify their investment portfolio, and share credit risks on larger-scale projects.

In addition, loan participations and syndications can decrease the lender’s overall exposure and stipulate financial accommodations for clients with credit requirements that surpass institutional restrictions and would otherwise be prohibited by lending policies.

Lenders throughout the Northeast and nationally turn to Hackett Feinberg to negotiate, structure, document, and close their most important syndicated loan financing and participation arrangements. Our team focuses on the key terms of such loans to ensure our client’s best interest is preserved and ROI can be fully realized. When representing a co-lender (not the agent) or a participant, we perform efficient and skilled “consistency reviews” of the underlying loan document package to confirm that the terms of the loan match our client’s credit approval.

We are valued for guiding lead lenders, co-lenders, participants, and agent banks and their syndication team through deal inception to closure. We are fluent in the issues that permeate these transactions, including those involving letter of credit sub-facilities and swing lines, among others.

In addition, many of our lending clients seek to sell and purchase loan participations. Because of our depth of experience representing lenders, we are agile when it comes to responding immediately to advising on the structuring and documentation of such transactions.

The firm’s participation and syndication skills are multidisciplinary. Our team is comprised not only of veteran commercial lending counselors, but also real estate and corporate attorneys who deliver the know-how needed to properly get the transaction over the finish line.


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