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Hackett Feinberg’s Employment litigators work diligently with businesses to minimize the risks involved in managing today’s workforce.

Our litigation experience and focus on employment-law developments allow us to keep our clients informed and prepared so that time, resources, and employee relations challenges are kept to a minimum. Given the complexity of the regulatory environment and the dynamic nature of employment relationships, even the most proactive employers are not immune from employee disputes and lawsuits.

Should litigation ensue, we represent employers in the full range of employment claims, including single-plaintiff, multi-plaintiff, and class and collective actions. Our litigators have decades of experience defending employment actions before federal and state courts and agencies, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour violation, failure to provide leaves of absence or reasonable accommodation, wrongful termination, defamation, and breach-of-contract claims. We believe in achieving the best possible result at every turn. That could mean zealous advocacy through litigation or leveraging opportunities to resolve a case out-of-court, including through behind-the-scenes discreet diplomacy or through mediation and arbitration.

There are few employment-related claims we have not seen and successfully addressed. We have resolved even the most emotionally charged workplace claims. Our team also litigates unfair competition claims, including misappropriation of trade secrets, as well as enforcement of noncompetition, nonsolicitation, no-raid, and nondisclosure agreements.

Our Employment Litigation team is recognized for its proven track record of effectively defending against actions brought by private parties and the government, as well as for negotiating, and favorably settling, these claims when in our client’s best interest to do so. We remain dedicated to proficiently navigating employment disputes so that our clients can stay focused on the business of running their companies.


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