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Real Estate Litigation


The Real Estate Litigation team at Hackett Feinberg has been defending titles for owners and lenders for decades. Every owner of real estate and every holder of a mortgage needs to have good, clear, marketable, and insurable title.

Clear title is essential before any sale, refinancing, or foreclosure of real estate. Disputes over title issues can delay or even prevent a sale or financing, so it is critical to retain counsel who can resolve title disputes and cure title issues swiftly and skillfully.

Our attorneys are dedicated to resolving real estate disputes in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. Our team has navigated clients through real estate disputes that range from very simple to extremely complex, using litigation as a last resort. We have represented clients in trial and before the appellate courts, at both the state and federal levels, and in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We also have utilized alternative dispute resolution techniques successfully for clients. Our team is skilled in the use of mediation and negotiation to bring closure to disputes, some of which were considered unduly complicated and seemingly intractable.

Our firm is often retained by national title insurance companies to represent insured lenders or owners who have submitted claims under their title insurance policies. We are valued for our proven title-clearing abilities and are known for being both efficient and effective.

Hackett Feinberg’s approach to real property dispute resolution is to focus on solving the client’s problem as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the costs for the client.

Our real estate litigation experience includes:

  • Reformation of deeds and mortgages
  • Quiet title and lien priority
  • Title disputes involving Probate
  • Post-foreclosure mortgage defense
  • Adverse possession
  • Protection of easements
  • Foreclosures
  • Lease disputes
  • Lender liability
  • Boundary disputes
  • Purchase and sale contract disputes
  • Disputes concerning real estate broker commissions
  • Title insurance coverage


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