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Search Fund & Private Equity Financing


Hackett Feinberg delivers innovative legal counsel to senior commercial lenders involved in making loans in the search fund lending space. Our clients provide loans to both self-funded and investor-backed searchers seeking to acquire a business and operate the acquired business as Chief Financial Officer or a similar role.

We also advise the same lenders in the making of loans to private equity groups seeking to acquire businesses for their equity portfolios. Our representation is comprehensive and includes advising lenders on the proposed acquisition and loan structure, collateral requirements, and subordinate third-party indebtedness.

Our deep bench of experience in addressing the distinct needs of lenders results in transactions that are closed efficiently and that also safeguard lender interests. Our combination of legal, business, and specialized-market savvy supports us in minimizing risk and maximizing value for our clients.

Having been involved in search fund and private equity lending over years of practice, we effectively address the hazards inherent in these transactions. We also focus on providing lenders with the information they need to make informed decisions that will directly impact their bottom line. Our approach to problem solving is juxtaposed against our track record of many successfully executed financings.

Our firm also advises on the design and execution of business exit strategies. We guide lenders through liquidity events, such as dividend recapitalizations, sales, mergers, and additional acquisitions, or, should the need arise, workouts and restructuring. Our transactional acumen is manifest in our ability to overcome the roadblocks to progress that can arise among lenders, investors, entrepreneurs, and buyers and sellers.


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