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Commercial Mortgage Foreclosures


Experience is everything when it comes to knowing the many details and pitfalls of Massachusetts foreclosure law and procedure.

Hackett Feinberg provides the decades of honed and veteran representation needed to realize efficient and effective foreclosure operations that adhere to the Massachusetts-specific nonjudicial foreclosure process, timeline, and protocol. We represent banks, financial institutions, and private lenders in all aspects of the Massachusetts foreclosure process – ranging from the initial demand letter through to the foreclosure auction.

Our firm’s skill in navigating the foreclosure process includes obtaining servicemembers’ judgments, resolving complex title issues, intervening in bankruptcy filings, selling the property at the foreclosure auction, and conveying the property from the bank to a third party after the auction. We also advise on solutions that seek to eliminate the potential for foreclosure altogether through forbearance actions, loan modifications, short sales, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Our goal is to help each client mitigate the adverse impact of financial crises by developing contingency plans and alternatives to bankruptcy whenever possible.

Foreclosure and loan defaults are never a one-size-fits-all. We bring our collective legal acumen in advising banks, financial institutions, and private lenders to determine the right path to realizing your optimal results.


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