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The choice of an entity structure for a business reflects a multitude of factors that can evolve over the life of the business. Hackett Feinberg is involved in every stage of entity formation – from initial start-up to entity restructuring of established and growing businesses.

We guide business owners, managers, officers, directors, investors, and advisors on every type of business and entity structure. We are skilled in representing clients that range from entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business to established businesses seeking to restructure their entities, as well as private equity, venture capitalists, and strategic investors seeking to invest in businesses.

Clients depend upon us to analyze and guide them through the entity selection process, and ultimately to form and document the optimal entity structure for their commercial endeavors. We are experienced in establishing corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs), both for-profit and nonprofit entities. Our team meticulously evaluates each client’s distinct features, including the nature of the business’s financing, the type of capital and other asset contributions, desired management structures, and end-game objectives.

We are fluent in the many different points of reference that contribute to the right choice of entity and can quickly identify the concerns and challenges inherent in organizing new business structures. Over years of practice, we have assisted in the formation of hundreds of start-ups and thousands of entities. We believe in listening carefully to each client’s needs and expectations for their emerging enterprise and in guiding them through the myriad federal and state corporate, securities, and tax laws that impact their choice of entity formation. We work with our clients to consider:

  • Board and management structure
  • Capital requirements and financing needs
  • Corporate control and governance issues
  • Federal and state tax issues
  • Liability and indemnification
  • Liquidity events and possible exit strategies
  • Market access and capital raising
  • Operating flexibility and costs
  • Service and asset contributions


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